How to avoid breaking the bank on Valentine's Day

February 10, 2021

“Money can feed the body. Love will feed the soul.”

-Toni Payne


The commercialization of Valentine’s Day didn’t just creep up in the last couple of decades. It dates back to the Victorian era, where Great Britain introduced the Uniform Penny Post, (what we know now as a prepaid postage stamp). The popularity of Valentine’s Day cards grew with changes to the postal service, like prepaid postage stamps and pricing mail by weight, rather than distance. This gave way to the popularity of mass-produced valentine cards.

According to Wallethub, shoppers spend more than $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day each year. Americans dish out $4.1 billion on jewelry, $2 billion on flowers and $2 billion on candy. If you’re still recovering from the holidays and feel Valentine’s Day came a little too quickly, here are some tips for celebrating without compromising your finances.


Make a budget

It’s much easier to gauge potential overspending if you start with a budget. Give yourself spending parameters.

Don’t touch your most recent paycheck

Age your money like a fine wine. If you are waiting until payday, you are likely living in a paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Take a sentimental approach

Try opting for sentimental gifts over materialistic items. Your partner may appreciate a sentimental gift or activity that reminds them of your cherished memories together.

Try a night in

Quarantine and Sunday just might make for a perfectly cozy Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Visit a special place together

Take your partner for a stroll in the park or to your favorite romantic spot. You can find romantic ways to be alone together in a place you both enjoy.


While cupid may have struck you, your wallet doesn’t have to take a long-term hit from Valentine’s Day. A budget-friendly Valentine’s Day can be a romantic way to build your future with your loved one.


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